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What Is A Stanchion?

Stanchion Buying Guide:

How To Choose The Best Stanchions For Your Needs 

black and yellow stanchion productA stanchion is an essential tool for crowd control. But if you don't choose the right type for your exact needs, you could face several serious problems once your crowds start showing up. 

- Do you have a quick, effective way to cordon off restricted areas? 
- Are customers or attendees not staying in the designated lines? 
- Do your crowds cause a serious security or safety issue? 
- Are your existing ropes not strong enough to handle larger crowds? 
- Are your low-quality barriers falling apart and hurting the look of your business? 

A good-quality stanchion provides solutions for all of these issues. But with so many different types of ropes and stanchions for sale, the important question is: how do you know which is right for you? 

We've created this quick buying guide to help you determine the best fit for your needs. No matter what type of business, facility or event you have, we'll guide you to the right solution. 

Which stantion works best for your needs?

Finding the appropriate stanchion is easy. You can quickly narrow your options by asking yourself a few questions about your specific needs: how the stanchion will be used, where it will be placed, and so on. 

Here are 3 things to consider: 

1) What kind of crowd control will be needed? 
Are you planning an event that will cordon off specific areas? Do you have a business that requires customers to wait in lines or be guided through a facility? Do you need a barrier for one-time use, or will it be needed on a regular basis? 

As you'll see below, there are specific stanchions for each of these needs, so it's important to identify all the possible uses and requirements before you buy. 

2) Does it need to be portable? 
Will you need a stanchion that can be quickly moved to different areas? If so, you'll want to avoid the more permanent solutions and instead use barriers that can be moved easily by your staff. 

The weight of the stanchion will be affected by the materials used, so be sure to compare your options to find the level of mobility you're looking for. 

3) Is the event formal?
If you're rolling out the red carpet for your guests or customers, then you don't want them to feel like a herd of animals being roped off by the cheapest barriers available. This could hurt your image or cheapen the entire event, especially if the barrier is being used at the entrance. 

You should always choose a stanchion that matches the décor or sophistication of the event itself. Your priority should be to make your guests or customers feel special – not restricted. 

 Common stanchion options and accessories 

Now that you've identified your specific crowd control needs, it's time to compare the different types of stanchions for sale.

 - Retractable Belt Stanchion 
This is one of the most popular solutions because it's very versatile. You can easily retract the belt as needed to let crowds by, or reattach it to other posts to redirect the flow. 

Plus, there are many different styles available. For informal events, you can't go wrong with a classic black post and black belt. But if you want to look more professional, go with stainless steel, different colored belts, or specialty finishes. 

- Rope Stanchions 
A rope stanchion is the preferred solution for special events and more upscale facilities. Think movie premieres, VIP waiting lines, specialty retail shops and so on. 

A felt-covered rope, paired with a heavy-duty ball-top stainless steel stanchion, definitely adds an extra level of sophistication to its surroundings. But there are also many different options to choose from, including crown-top, flat top, and different finishes. 

- Wall Mounted Barriers 
These barriers are ideal when you have a more permanent, ongoing need for crowd control. Typically, they include a retractable belt, which can be connected to another stanchion or another wall mounted clip. 

 The wall mounts allow you to save space by eliminating the posts from areas where you need to control crowds on a regular basis.

- Plastic Chains and Stanchions 
Plastic barriers can be a good solution for when you just need a quick, cost-effective way to create a barrier. Keep in mind that plastic barriers will appear cheap if they're used at important events. Also, the plastic chains lack the heavy-duty feel of other belts and ropes, making them less effective for unruly crowds. 

On the other hand, colorful plastic chains can add a fun element to casual parties, as well as events for kids. It all depends on the event you're planning. 

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