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"Stanchion Buying Tips - The Right Stantion Doesn't Have To Be Expensive..."

Stanchion Buying Tips

Buying a stanchion should never be a difficult process. But since the safety and security of your crowds could be at stake, it's important to make your decision carefully. Regardless of how and where you plan to place your stanchion – in stores, outside a nightclub, in a warehouse or anywhere else – there are a few things to consider that will make your stanchion purchase even easier.

Follow the simple stanchion buying tips below for some key considerations that will help you narrow your options.

Identify the most appropriate barrier.
Before you choose a stanchion, you'll need to decide how they will be connected.

The three most common options are:

  • Heavy-duty woven nylon belts
  • Velour rope or other styles
  • Plastic chain

Each style has its unique advantages and purpose. Choosing is a matter of determining what level of crowd control you're looking for and also how you want it to appear. For example: many people prefer the sturdiness of belts, because they form a straight, rigid line, easily identifying where guests are supposed to go – or not go.

Find A Stanchion That Is Right For What You Need

By contrast, a stanchion rope barrier will drape more elegantly between each post. While still an effective form of crowd control, a rope is more often used to elevate the appearance of the environment, rather than to tell crowds to “keep out.”

Plastic chain drapes like rope, but is more of a budget option. It's a cost-efficient and effective way to cordon off areas and keep crowds within organized lines – but doesn't have the same high-quality appearance as belts or rope.

Choose colors and finish.
A stanchion can come in a wide variety of different styles and finishes – polished stainless steel, plastic, satin, and lots of different color options. You can also choose the color of the belt, chain and rope, as well as the finish of the snap ends. If you're unsure what colors you want, just be sure to pick styles that will fit the surrounding environment. For example, if you operate a sleek, modern nightclub, then you probably don't want pink plastic chain. Go for satin-finished stainless steel with either black belt barriers or black velour rope.

Consider the mobility you need.
If you will need to constantly rearrange your barriers into new configurations, you will probably want the versatility of retractable belt stanchions. These belts quickly retract into self-contained units on the top of the post, so you can move them around and store them easily.

Measure your space.
Before buying, determine exactly how many posts you will need, and how long the barriers should be. Having extra is okay, but you don't want to be stuck with too few barriers at the last second. Measure first to make sure you have everything you need.

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