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How to Fit Your Budget

Stanchions for SaleWhen looking for stanchions for sale, it's important to keep in mind that you have many different options that affect the price (and quality) of the product you buy. Since stanchions are a very popular option for crowd control, they are available in many different styles, and with various add-ons, to help you obtain the exact solution you need.

Someone managing a line of customers outside an upscale upscale nightclub won't necessarily need the same type of stanchion used in an industrial facility. So, it all depends on what you're looking for, how the product will be used, and the type of crowds you have.

If you need to stay within budget, here are some of the price factors to consider when searching for stanchions for sale.

Factors that affect the price of stanchions for sale

-What it's made of
The construction material is generally the biggest factor that affects the price of stanchions for sale. Your choices generally fall into two categories: metal and plastic. Plastic stanchions are typically more affordable, but keep in mind that they are more lightweight, which means they aren't as sturdy. If you have large, active crowds, plastic may not be the best option. However, they are still appropriate for a number of other settings, and their light weight makes them easier to move, too. Be sure to also think about the style of the event itself. If the location is more upscale, then you'll want a more elegant style, such as stainless steel.

-Finish and color
Black is a standard option for stanchions, but you have many different options. Many stanchions for sale have the option of choosing finishes like polished stainless steel, polished brass, satin brass, custom powder coats and other specialty finishes. You can also choose colors like red, yellow and orange, which are more visible for when you need to cordon off restricted areas. In general, the more you customize the color and finish, the higher the price will be.

Blue Retractable Belt Stanchion for sale
-Type of barrier
What you use to connect your stanchions will also affect the cost of your purchase. Your most common options are retractable nylon belts, plastic chain or a variety of different ropes, such as velour and leather-like naugahyde. The important thing is to consider the type of event or operations you run and choose the most appropriate barrier for your needs. Simple plastic chain can be good for the most basic crowd control, while velour rope and heavy-duty belts are more appropriate for more important gatherings. The length of your barriers will of course also affect the final cost, so be sure to measure your space carefully.

-Post Tops & Signage
Another cosmetic consideration when searching for stanchions for sale is choosing custom add-ons like elegant tops and signage. This mostly comes down to stylistic preference, but you'll be able to choose from ball tops, crown tops, flat tops and other styles. Instead of a standard top, you can also choose sign posts to help provide instructions to your crowds, such as “enter here” or “employees only.”

Options for every budget has a wide assortment of stanchions for sale with affordable options for every budget. No matter what type of crowds you have, we can guide you to the right solution, and we're committed to making it an enjoyable experience for every customer. Browse our site to find the right products for your needs, or just give us a call at (877) 803-1483 to speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives. 

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